Anderson Babcock (Australian Short Film)

My first international film scoring experience. All music related discussions, from the director spotting sessions to the final mixing, were done over emails and dropbox file transfers. It was quite an experience.

Cool thing about this film score is that the director wanted a “Mariachi” feel for the whole movie. I did a bit of research on Mexican Mariachi styles before finishing the OBB music (which they also used as music for the trailer).

The short film was premiered in Sydney, Australia on June 2014. Produced by Leah James and directed by Charlie Mortimer.


Film Score Demos

This video compilation/post features some of my film score demos, which I did while I was finishing my certificate course in film music at Berklee Online.

Positive Ballad

Sad Ballad

High Intensity Action


Adventure (Dark)

Moderate Intensity Action

Suspense / Mystery



Magic / Fantasy